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Deborah discovered her passion for the photographic medium during her studies in Fine Art  at Rhodes University in South Africa. She likes to describe it as 'it was love at first click'.


While she incorporates mixed media elements into her artworks, her heart is devoted to the darkroom.  


Travel plays a key role in her development as an artist, where she  is heavily inspired by the worlds' tapestry of eclectic cultures.


'Through traditional analogue photographic practices, there are no limits. The photographic medium is like a time machine; its the only way for anyone to freeze time. A captured moment in time is preserved forever.

When I'm creating, it's as though I'm reinventing a nostalgia; restoring lost moments by recreating them, and then sealing them within in a timeless one-of-a-kind creation. Its like I'm painting with light and revealing a hidden language that would not have surfaced otherwise. Its not just about capturing that moment, its not just art. Its a state of euphoria, tapping into a metaphysical entity but never quite reaching a finite resolution. The exploration is infinite and all consuming.'

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