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For the Love of the Craft... 

Hello and welcome to my creative haven, where passion effortlessly blends with refined skills that have been cultivated over the years. With an artistic background and roots in the darkroom era of film photography, I've developed a unique approach dedicated to capturing authentic moments and have had the privilege to showcase my work in various exhibitions as well as earned features in industry publications. With 18 years behind me of passionately photographing my subjects,  my journey continues to evolve, and with that so does my work, as I continue to add contemporary artworks to my expanding portfolio. I find pure joy in capturing special moments in portrait sessions for my clients.

For me, each click of the camera is more than just a brief moment; it's an obsession with the whimsical dance of time and space, celebrating the way light gracefully wraps around my chosen subjects.

Guided by intuitive impulses, every shot becomes a bespoke capture, showcasing the natural beauty and individuality of my clients; their photographs become works of art. It's truly heartwarming to see clients trusting both me and my distinctive style, as we embark on a journey to capture their essence together. Let's not just capture moments; let's create timeless memories infused with fun and spontaneity.

Embark on this artistic adventure with me, where every click of the camera is a testament to genuine emotions and timeless memories. Explore my space, and let's collaboratively craft visually stunning stories that resonate with you.

So,  Welcome to my world and the fun and uncomplicated art of storytelling through my lens.

Deborah Kanfer Fine Art Photography

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