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Diana F+ Manual SLR

Curious yet a little skeptical about an analogue film photography service? Below are some F.A.Qs to help quell those concerns; 

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Pentax Espio 120Mi
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Why film?

With film, there is an inherent guarantee of authenticity and fine quality; there are a limited number of exposures on a roll of film, and because of this I am more deliberate and strategic when it comes to clicking the shutter release.  A lot of thought is put into a film photography shoot beforehand.  Furthermore, I am an advocate of quality vs quantity.

Should the choice of film vs digital matter to us?

This shouldn't really matter.  You may notice some differences in style and feel of photo compositions, but that is really indicative of the style of work I create, and that is what should matter the most, as this will be an essential consideration for providing photographs you love. 

What's the difference between a digital photograph and a film photograph?


Digital images are brilliantly sharp and beautifully manicured.  Analogue film photographs embody more of an organic feeling; soft and touchable; imperfections are celebrated and referred to as 'happy accidents'.

Do you shoot in black and white, colour or both?

My work is predominantly offered in black and white, however, there is the option for colour film photographs as well.

I'm worried about the longevity of film photographs, how can I preserve them?


With every photo shoot digital scans of each and every photographic capture is available.

Do you retain copyright of the photos?


Yes, I retain copyright of all photos as they will be subjected to various marketing initiatives.  This will be fully disclosed within a signed agreement as well as giving you permission to digitally print your scans as many times as you like.

Do you shoot full days?

Shooting on film isn't the most conducive to a full day photo shoot, however I will sit down with you and discuss particulars of what you are wanting to capture; I will then strategize with you on the best and most effective way to deliver on your requests.   

Minolta Automatic
Cherry blossoms opposit.jpg
Cherry blossoms.jpg

If you are still faced with unanswered questions about film or anything else, please do not hesitate to ask me!  You can do so here

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