Deborah Kanfer Fine Art Photography

THE Love Story; YOUR Story.

Small batch analogue photographic services for the small batch celebration; my services are the perfect match for the intimate wedding and elopement, engagements, anniversaries, lifestyle and for the sake of capturing memories on film.  A boutique service that encompasses a fresh yet timeless documentation with a touch of vintage charm.  With the element of chance at play, no two images are alike. Light leaks, motion blur, film fog and film grain are celebrated.  A creatively strategized selection of quality photographs with a fine art touch is offered and presented in traditional black and white (and) or colour.  



It Goes Beyond the End Result.

It is not just about the delivery of the final product when it comes to photographing your special moments, it is equally about the way in which the service is provided.  Discrete yet informatively assertive encompasses my style in photographing my subjects.  Candid and natural placements and poses are what I do best.  I am here to ease your nerves and capture those split second fleeting moments while you focus on relishing and soaking in all the joy the moment brings. Leave it to me, and I am certain you will adore your handcrafted memory creations

         's not 'just art''... make it personal. 




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