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We are Born into Photographs.

Family Picture - North Carolina. 1990

We are born into photographs. In utero, photographed. Birth, photographed. First day home, photographed. 1 month old, photographed. 2 months old, photographed. 6 months old, photographed. 1st birthday, photographed. And so it continues into the abyss of our lives we have yet to shape, but never cease to capture our perfectly imperfect ‘kodak moments’. Everything is a Kodak moment. Good on you, Kodak, and thank you, for you making those ‘Kodak moments’ our moments. And what we understand as a ‘Kodak moment’ holds true in every sense of the word. Because Kodak is what brought the photograph to families and their homes. Thank goodness for photographs. And Kodak. They stand as proof of our existence on this earth. They bare witness to our best moments, our worst moments, our embarrassing moments, but nevertheless, all are moments that continue to exist because of one click of one button. And there you have it, time is preserved. It’s a beautiful thing. No matter how ugly, awkward, embarrassing, hilarious it may be to the beholder. The fact is, It is a beautiful thing. I am grateful to be born into photographs.

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