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The Proof is in the Pictures.

My Big Brother.

My brother is much older than me, and so he had already moved out of the house and into university when I was very young. Looking at these photographs of his regular presence and active participation in family and home life was something that I wish I could have experienced. Regardless, it provided me with another curiosity for something that I was not familiar with, other than just the family life that existed before my time. Back then, they were a ‘complete’ family of 4. But not for very long. Because I was on the way. That makes 5!

I don’t remember family life before my brother moved out of the house. At least I don’t think I do…(just like a movie trailer, I have a selection of ‘clips’ of him finishing high school, and other events that just merge into one another, making it difficult to differentiate when they took place..). I tend to possess an extraordinary memory capacity – I have various memories from an unusually young age. Vivid ones, to boot. I remember getting on with family life as a ‘complete’ family of four, sans my brother. Just my older sister and I. My brother would come home for holidays, I was always so excited in anticipation for his return home. My big brother is coming home! Because of the large age gap, he featured as another authority in the household. More so than a brother just being a brother, I guess, or is that what big brothers are supposed to be? Another Authority figure? I’m unsure. Regardless, he featured as an additional care taker. He took care of me in many ways. Perhaps a burden for him, perhaps not. He wasn’t in the house much, so maybe this was something he took on with pride. Intentions were good. I think I would have known if they felt otherwise. He’s my big brother. He takes care of me. The proof is in the pictures.

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